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When people ask what Walden Websites does, the shortest (and best) answer continues to be: we write code. We've written code for these lovely companies, just to name a few.

Agency, we are not.

We're not another agency. You won't find any account managers on our payroll. We don't promise things we are not able to deliver and then scramble to hire the appropriate talent.

Why is this important? Well, with no middlemen, you work directly with the people involved in your project. You get the best of both worlds. Quality of an agency, along with the speed and value of a freelancer.

Been Around the Block

Born from the success and failures of experiences over the last 10+ years, we have earned the luxury of choice. We know that sounds arrogant, but from both your perspective and ours, it's a good thing. If we have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with you, it means we have worked together because we've wanted to. That difference is what sets us apart. We choose projects that adhere to our rules, which ensures that we love the work, enjoy the people we work with and are given the chance to be creative. The importance of choice quickly becomes apparent.

A Few Rules to Work By

We're getting older and thankfully wiser. Running with a few simple but effective rules, we've found that we consistently produce better work with happier clients.

The Process From a 50,000ft View

As much as we hate to admit it, there's no magic when it comes to a successful project. Good timing, maybe. But mostly it's a lot of hard work. Every project is unique, but this is the basic process we follow.



Discovery starts in the details. We walk through the your project goals and generally offer a different perspective to help round things out. This is the time to put everything out in front and determine what is possible given the individual project constraints.


Fail to plan and plan to fail. Someone important once said that. Seriously though, let's sit down and hash out a timeline around everyone's goals. We dish the responsibilities around the table and it's quickly time to pull the trigger.


This is the fun part. We put a few left-side brain people in the same room as some right-side brain people, pump them full of coffee and wait for the drafts. During each step of the creation process the project goals are reviewed to ensure that we are staying on track, and time.


Just because the project has been launched doesn't mean we go home. It's time to follow-up and ensure that we hit the mark. If something isn't quite right, we work until it is. We tell our clients, "It only needs to be perfect."

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