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INTRODUCE / Introduction to the center  


1、 Introduction to the center

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) plays an important role in the health care system in China and even in the world. However, the lack of high-quality evidence for its efficacy has seriously hindered the development and internationalization of TCM industry. The rise of evidence-based medicine makes traditional Chinese medicine face more severe challenges, and brings new ideas and methods to solve problems, which will play a positive role in promoting the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the colleges and universities of traditional Chinese medicine who received evidence-based medicine education earlier. In 2001, academician Zhang Boli sent three researchers to China evidence-based medicine center for short-term study, which laid the foundation for future development. In 2003, the clinical pharmacology department and the evidence-based medicine office of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine were established one after another, undertaking a number of national evidence-based research projects of traditional Chinese medicine. Since then, he has sent research backbones to China evidence-based medicine center for relevant training and established academic contacts. 2006 clinical research evaluation center, Research Institute, Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine. In November 2007, the evidence-based medicine center of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine and the Tianjin practice center of China evidence-based medicine center were established, and approved by the Ministry of education, Tianjin Branch of evidence-based medicine online cooperation research center of Ministry of education was established.

At present, the center has 6 full-time researchers, 1 postdoctoral, 2 doctoral students, 3 graduate students and 23 part-time staff. It has undertaken 1 national support plan, 1 major program of NSFC, 1 general project of NSFC, 1 post doctoral Science Foundation of China and 1 horizontal project, with a total fund of 13 million yuan and a special fund of 300000 yuan.

2、 Central purpose

Carry out evidence-based practice of traditional Chinese medicine and promote scientific clinical decision-making of traditional Chinese medicine!

3、 Construction objectives of the center

1. Carry out the education of undergraduate and graduate students of evidence-based medicine, organize the training of evidence-based medicine, and popularize the knowledge of evidence-based medicine

2. Carry out evidence-based research on traditional Chinese medicine (including secondary research, original research and Methodology Research), and establish relevant research methods and thematic database

Scientific decision-making of TCM based on evidence

4. Build a platform, establish disciplines and train talent echelon

5. Using evidence-based medicine to carry out health education, health consultation and health management

6. Carry out evidence-based practice of traditional Chinese medicine in Tianjin and surrounding areas, spread the concept of evidence-based medicine, and provide methodological support and personnel training for the development of high-quality research of traditional Chinese medicine?.