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Center Director - Zhang Junhua
Zhang Junhua, M.D., doctoral supervisor, vice president of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, director of evidence-based medicine center. He is mainly engaged in research on methodology of clinical evidence-based evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine. He received clinical research and evidence-based medicine system training in China evidence-based medicine center and Exeter University of England. He combined the concept and method of evidence-based medicine with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and carried out research methods and practice of evidence-based Chinese medicine.
In recent five years, more than 40 academic papers have been published, 18 of them have been included in SCI, with the highest if = 7.041. Participated in the compilation of 4 academic monographs. He has presided over 2 National Natural Science Foundation projects, and participated in 10 national scientific research projects, such as national "973", science and technology research plan projects, major new drug creation projects, etc. It has won one first prize of national science and Technology Progress Award (2014), one second prize (2010), two first prizes of science and technology progress of the Ministry of education, one first prize of Tianjin Science and technology progress, and one first prize of science and technology of Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine.
It has been awarded the titles of excellent talents of the Ministry of education in the new century, top-notch young talents in Tianjin and outstanding young scientific and technological talents in Tianjin. He served as Secretary General of clinical pharmacology branch of Chinese Medicine Association, vice president of clinical data monitoring committee of World Federation of Chinese medicine associations, vice chairman of Youth Committee of internal medicine branch of Chinese Medicine Association, and chairman of evidence-based medicine professional committee of Tianjin Association of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine. He served as the editorial board member of focus on alternative and comprehensive therapies, World Journal of meta analysis, integrated medicine research, International Journal of clinical research and trials, guest editor of ECAM special issue on safety of traditional Chinese medicine, and reviewer of more than 10 international well-known journals such as lancet, annals of internal medicine, who bulletin, PLoS One, etc.