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Notice of contribution to the 4th International Conference on clinical trial methodology and the 38th annual meeting of clinical trial Association (as of November 10)


       The Fourth International Conference on clinical trial methodology and the 38th annual meeting of clinical trial Association will be held in May 2017 in Liverpool, UK. This is the first annual meeting of clinical trial Association, jointly held with the International Conference on clinical trial methodology, which will bring together international peers in the field of clinical trial work, including clinical trial design experts, methodology experts, doctors and professionals Medical personnel will provide a larger international platform for clinical trial personnel to cooperate and discuss new ideas.

This conference includes training courses and three theme lectures, of which the training course is arranged on May 7, 2017, and the theme lecture is arranged from May 8 to 10, 2017. I hope you can pay attention to and actively contribute (the abstract submission deadline is November 10, 2016). Please refer to  。

The society for clinical Trials (SCT) is a scientific, educational and public welfare organization. Its mission is to promote human health, promote the development and dissemination of best methods and practices in clinical trials, as well as the education and development of all clinical trial professionals by advocating international cooperative clinical trials. It is related to academic circles, business circles, governments and clinical trials from 24 different countries in the world Representatives of nonprofit research organizations include clinical researchers, biostatisticians, project managers, it experts, clinical research organization personnel and other clinical trial professionals. The association's (May 15, 2016) annual meeting was successfully held on May 18, 2016 in Montreal, Canada )。

        The International Conference on clinical research (ICC) was founded by the International Conference on clinical research MRC  Network of hubs for trials methodology research, which has been held once every two years since 2011, has been successfully held three times. Through the integration of UK wide research resources to improve the design, implementation, analysis, interpretation and reporting of clinical trials, the trial methodology research network center aims to promote and encourage collaborative methodological research related to trials, and promote the adoption of cost-effective methods to improve the quality of clinical trials and ultimately be applied to clinical treatment. The center funded cooperative projects and doctoral scholarships to provide methodological suggestions for related trials without standard reference for research methods, and provided technical support for key issues in the experimental research and implementation process of the working group Official website )。