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The first training course of COS development method was successfully held


July 20-21, 2019“ Evidence based medicine and core indicator set (C The "OS) development method" training course was held in Tianjin. Evidence based medicine in China Professor Li Youping, founding director of the center Professor Zhang Junhua, director of evidence-based medicine center of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, DU Liang, President of West China Journal of Sichuan University, researcher Yu Chunquan, director of Journal Editorial Department of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Zhang Yonggang, director of Editorial Department of China Journal of evidence-based medicine, Dr. Zhang Mingyan and Dr. Yang Fengwen of evidence-based medicine center of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine And core index set construction method. More than 80 clinicians, researchers and postgraduates from various provinces and cities participated in the training.

Professor Li Youping made a report on the topic of introduction to evidence-based medicine. She reviewed the emergence and development of evidence-based medicine, and systematically elaborated the new needs, challenges, opportunities and Countermeasures in the future of evidence-based medicine.

Professor Zhang Junhua gave a report on the summary of evidence-based traditional Chinese medicine. From "why do we need to evaluate the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine?" How to evaluate the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine "What do we need to do?" Detailed reports were made in three aspects, focusing on the importance of COS and the work plan of the Research Center for core indicators of clinical trials in China.

President DU Liang explained in detail the origin, definition, characteristics, significance and production of system evaluation. The importance of systematic evaluation / meta analysis quality evaluation is discussed from the perspective of index importance.

Professor Yu Chunquan gave a detailed lecture on cos reporting specification, cos-star statement report items and item interpretation. Dr. Zhang Yonggang gave a wonderful lecture on the topic selection of COS research. Dr. Zhang Mingyan explained in detail the technical process, index pool construction method, consensus process and method of COS research. Dr. Yang Fengwen reported on the development of the core indicator set for stable angina pectoris. At the end of the training course, there were also interactive exchanges.


Training course site



Professor Li Youping gives a report



Report by researcher Zhang Junhua


President DU Liang gives a report


Professor Yu Chunquan gives a report


Director Zhang Yonggang gives a report


Dr. Zhang Mingyan gives a report


Dr. Yang Fengwen gives a report